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Union Gap

the massive hit 'Young Girl'

'Lady Willpower' 1968

The "Union Gap featuring Gary Puckett" or "Gary Puckett and the Union Gap" gained worldwide recognition when their first combined release “Young Girl” hit No.1 in the UK and No.2 in the USA. Next came “Lady Willpower” which hit No.5 in the UK and No.2 in the USA. Their next release “Woman Woman” only managed No.48 in the UK but hit No.5 in the USA. There were no further successful releases in the UK and in 1971 the “Union Gap” parted company with Gary Puckett.

In 1974 “Young Girl” was re-released in the UK and although Gary Puckett was now pursuing a career in acting along with his solo music projects, the new “Union Gap” was put together to promote the record in the UK and “Young Girl" was yet again a smash hit reaching No.6 in the UK charts. Eventually the band went their separate ways – all having great success recording and performing with many major artistes.The band were approached on numerous occasions to re-kindle the magic of the “Union Gap” but due to their individual contracts it was not possible, until in 1996 Mike Ellis (Keyboards & Vocals), Gerard Rogers (Drums & Vocals) and Barry Ruther (Guitar & Vocals) were able to launch the “New Union Gap” as a tribute to Gary Puckett bringing in the very talented - Tom Harding - on Bass Guitar / Lead Vocals.

The “New Union Gap” was an instant success on the 60’s circuit playing at all the major festivals, theatres and holiday centres throughout the UK and more importantly keeping the music of Gary Puckett and the Union Gap truly alive and vastly increasing airplay of their hit singles on Radio stations throughout the UK.


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