The World's number 1 tribute to Kings Of Leon.

Kings ov leon

'Sex On Fire' from 2009

'Over' from the album Walls performed in 2017

Kings Ov Leon are one of the UK’s leading Kings Of Leon tribute bands and arguably one of the most recognisable tribute acts in the world.

Since the band formed in 2009, Liam Coffey and his charges have rocked out the most prestigious theatres, festivals and music venues with their breathtaking show.

The scale, energy and charisma of their performances leaving audiences across Europe feeling like they’ve seen the Kings Of Leon themselves.

All the band members have their own long history of professional success. In 1999, as a young teenager, lead guitarist Mark Eyden was signed to record label giants Polydor after winning BBC1s ‘Get Your Act Together’ in the band ’Marlo’.

He went on to tour extensively including a performance in front of 50,000 fans at ‘Party in the Park’ and had a charting single release.

Drummer Ant Wheeler played professionally for numerous bands including the Towers of London and Wilkento, while Dan Eyden, the youngest of the band at 21, fronted ‘Perfect Confusion’ and is a prolific song writer in his own right.

Liam Coffey, the group’s singer is the most recent to join the band. He has a long history of live performance in both original and covers bands including the epic ‘No Quarter’. He’s completed the line-up and brought along with him a truly charismatic and authentic edge.

The Kings Ov Leon take you on a journey playing your favourite KOL tracks, from the first release “The Holy Roller Novocaine” through to the incredible number one album “Come Around Sundown.


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