Worldwide Legends,
Live at Sunshine!

"Love Me For A Reason"

"Crazy Horses"

The Osmond Brothers – Alan, Wayne, Merrill, and Jay - recorded their first record album in 1963, and since that time with the addition of Donny, Marie, and Jimmy, collectively and individually, the family has had approximately 200 albums released.

The Osmonds have had a phenomenally successful recording career, having sold over 100 million albums worldwide and 59 gold and platinum award records to their credit. Their 1974 hit, ‘Love Me For A Reason’, went global again over 20 years later, when covered to huge success by Boyzone.

Merrill found success on his own and recorded several solo projects as well. Jay fronted the band with the Global hit ‘Crazy Horses’ (their biggest international hit) a song ahead of its time written by the band about pollution. The Osmonds have also proven to be very talented and successful song writers, and have penned a majority of their biggest hits – including ‘Down By The Lazy River’, ‘Let Me In’, ‘Goin’ Home’, ‘The Proud One’, ‘I’m Still Gonna Need You’, etc.

With each album recorded, The Osmonds’ talents and abilities continued to grow musically and they still know how to touch the hearts and souls of their fans. No other musical group or family can match their harmonies. Through it all, The Osmonds have never stopped recording and continue to experience great success worldwide! The best is only yet to come!

The Osmonds are still as active now as they ever were, and are still fronted by Merrill and Jay. 

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